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Home of the Western North Carolina Sculpture Center

The WNC Sculpture Center is housed in the roughly 10,000 sq. ft. gymnasium located on the Patterson School Foundation grounds in Happy Valley, N.C. The generous 30 ft ceilings enable sculptors to work large and place completed work in an expansive landscape or trail setting. 

We have met our roof replacement fundraising goal and are eager to continue to roll out our ambitious educational programmatic schedule. The sculptural processes that are offered at the WNC Sculpture Center include, Metal Fabrication, Woodworking, Iron Foundry, Blacksmithing and Woodworking. The building will grow to hold an interior gallery space and a large community sculpture studio for workshops and classes. 


• Cupolas (Iron Furnaces)

• Sand Mixer

• Resin and Catalyst

• Ramming Tools

• Assortment of Grinders

• Assortment of Hand Tools

• Coddle Boards

• Mold making consumables

(mold wash, etc.)

Metal Fabrication
• Stick Welders

• Plasma Cutter (pending repair)

•Mig Welder (pending repair)

• Bench and Angle Grinders

• Misc. Handtools

• Drill Press


• Table Saw

• Compound Miter Saw

• Lathe

• Drill Press

• Assortment of Electric Hand Tools

• Assortment of Hand Tools


• Forge

• Anvils

• Assortment of Hammers 

• Assortment ofTongs 

• Hydraulic Press

• Assortment of Hand Tools

WNCSC believes that safety is paramount to a communal working studio environment. Each and every artist approved to work in our studio is required to be present during the orientation process so that our studio policies and procedures are understood and are fully compiled with.

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