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Tile Scratch Block Molds

This page is intended to help guide you through working on your resin bonded sand scratch block mold. 

Scratch block mold guidelines:

• Wear Safety Glasses

• Do not carve more than about 1/2 of an inch deep

(carving too deep could jeopardize the integrity of the mold resulting in a miss cast)

• Only carve in the indented area



• All Letters and Numbers should be carved BACKWARDS

• Sand will dull knife blades.

• Nails work great as scratching tools.

• Handle with care. Do not drop.

• Can draw design with permanent marker.

• Have FUN!






Iron casting is not an exact science.

The WNCSC team will do everything that we can to maximize the outcome of your hard work. By following the above guidelines you are helping us to make a quality and visually stunning one of a kind work of art!

By participating in this activity you acknowledge and agree to the idea that there is a set of variables in the iron casting process to which a mold may not come out completely or the mold may break.

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