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The Western North Carolina Sculpture Center is dedicated to connecting people with the arts through exhibitions, interactions with artists, and the opportunity to experience creative processes in an inclusive environment.

Our vision at WNCSC is to enrich the community by offering a unique series of programs and access to creative processes that encourage hands on engagement.  We aim to inspire creativity by direct visitor participation and a rich understanding of sculptural processes coming directly from our working and visiting artists. Our programming aims to foster an understanding of a range of personal and creative perspectives as we balance traditional sculptural processes with contemporary practices. Our educational programming will augment the artistic experiences for grades K-12 with not typically offered processes found in a traditional school setting. We will be seeking a programmatic schedule to offer workshops for military veterans to acknowledge their sacrifice in a vibrant and welcoming community of artists.



Located in the beautiful North Carolina mountains in Lenoir, NC, WNCSC offers a free public park everyday from dawn until dusk. Visitors can enjoy open fields, water features and hiking trails.

Due to the history of manufacturing of furniture in this area, there are adequate material distributors within easy reach as resources for a variety of sculptural project approaches.

There is an abundance experiences of the natural world within easy reach of WNCSC. The Blue Ridge Parkway is only 20 minutes away leading to seemingly endless hiking trails, overlook vistas, access to waterfalls and parks. The towns of Blowing Rock and Boone, NC are a short drive for a variety of cultural and culinary experiences. Charlotte and Asheville, NC are only about an hour and a half from WNCSC.

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