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2020 Pi Day Pie Contest

Pie Contest

Western North Carolina Sculpture Center 

Saturday March 14, 2020

Contest Rules


10 Dollar application fee.



1st place Blue Ribbon and an Artisan Forged Pie Rack 

 2nd Ribbon Artisan Forged Pie Knife, 


Categories – Any dessert pie, from blueberry and Rhubarb to Pecan and Buckeye, from single crust to double crust.


 Homemade Pie Contest Rules 

a) This contest is open to bakers of all ages! 

b) Pies must be entered in the name of the person who made it.

 c) Contestants may enter one pie per application. 

d) Each Pie must be made from scratch and baked in a 9” – 10” pie plate/pan. Each pie must include a cover and serving utensil.  You may not use pre-made or store-bought crust. 

e) each pie must have a complete list of ingredients

f) all ingredients must be edible


To enter a Pie 

a) Bring your Pie to the contest site, The Pie Tent at Western North Carolina Sculpture Park Tent (signage will direct you once in the park between 12 pm and 1:30 pm on March 14, 2020. At this time your pie will be given an entry number, maintaining confidentiality of the bakers.

 b) Fill out the registration form.  If you win you give your permission to have your photo taken during the announcement ceremony and have it used for Pie Contest and Festival promotional materials. 

My Post (3).png

c) A copy of your pie recipe, on a 3x5 card or 8x11 paper, with a list of ingredients must be provided with the recipe name, contestant name and phone number, at time of drop off.


Judging a) Judging will start at 2:30 and conclude at 3:30 pm. 

Judge will not be present at the contest tent while pies are delivered to ensure confidentiality of the bakers. b) Judging area will be "off limits” to all but Judges and WNCSC staff and volunteers

100 possible points

 i. Overall Appearance – points 1-20

 ii. Crust – Color, Texture, Doneness, Flavor – points 1-20 

iii. Filling – Consistency, Doneness, Moistness, Flavor – points 1-20

 iv. Flavor – points 1-20 

v. Creativity and Presentation – points 1-20


  1. The  judge assigns a numerical value in each criteria category

  2. The pie receiving the highest total numerical value is the winner. 

The Pie Contest Committee will tally the judging sheets. iii. In the case of a tie, the judge will judge those pies again. A coin toss will be the final decision in the event our judge cannot come to a decisive conclusion.

Iv.   The decision of the judge is final. a) Winners will be announced after the judging is complete at 3:30 pm on the main stage. 

V. Pans and utensils will be available for pickup after the pie has been dispersed.


Deposition of Pies – all pies become the property of the Western North Carolina Sculpture Center after reception the remaining pies will be sold to raise funds for the Western North Carolina Sculpture Center 


Good Luck


Our Judge: Sherri A. Herland

Studied European Pastries at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts where she specialized in European pastries and desserts. Sherri has had an extensive culinary career creating beautiful desserts from NC to Boston and has studied  the beauty of pastries and confections for nearly 20 years.

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